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Looking for some bubble tea inspiration that’s coming from our customers?
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: Dunja (left) & Nicky (right)
Age: 18 & 17
City: Both from Terneuzen
Favorite bubble tea: Mango / apple x lychee & Mango x cherry

Tell us a little something about yourself!
D:  Hi, I’m Dunja and I live on the countryside of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. This summer I hope to move to Rotterdam to study. I’m currently busy with my school and my side job, and I try (now that it’s still possible) to meet with my friends quite a lot. On a day off we’ll drive to Antwerp to shop and to drink a lovely bubble tea!
N: I babysit a lot and I always find it a nice thing to do, I also work out regularly!

Why is mango your favorite bubble tea?
D: I like all the fruit teas, but I particularly love the ones with a ‘fresh touch’. I do prefer the fruit teas over the milk teas though! Especially in the summer, when the temperatures are rising! Then it’s nice to drink a refreshing fruit tea whilst shopping for example.
N: I think mango and cherry taste great together, this bubble tea is sweet and light!

What’s the best compliment you’ve received?
The nicest compliments I receive are most of the time about my hair and eyes. People want to touch my hair often or think my eye color (green/grey) are a good match with my dark hair (my original hair color is brown).
N: I usually get compliments about my honesty!

Would you eat a bowl of grasshoppers for €50.000?
For €50.000 I would consider to eat a couple of grasshoppers, as long as the bowl isn’t too big!
N: No. Definitely..

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I couldn’t live without Vietnamese spring rolls!

Is there something that you lose quite often?
D: I don’t really lose things actually, but most of the time I do a bag check to see whether everything is still in it. Luckily nothing ever misses!
N: Yeah, my phone and keys!

What did yo do on your last birthday?
D: Last year I went to Gent for my birthday, this year I’ll go to Rome for a week!
N: I was on a holiday and afterwards I went clubbing!

What’s your favorite and least favorite word?
My favorite and most used word is: Yes! This word is being used a lot at the restaurant where I work. And I’ll use this word in June too, when I hopefully graduate for my final exams! My least favorite word is: (oh) my God.
N: ………….

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