Customer’s choice #3

Looking for some bubble tea inspiration that’s coming from our customers?
Read all about 8tea5’s customers and their favorite bubble tea flavor!


Name: Ana Filipa & Chelsea
Age:  … & 18
City: … & Leidschendam
Favorite bubble tea:  …  & peach x strawberry/mango

Tell us who you are!
Hi, I’m Chelsea and I’m studying hotel management at ROC Mondriaan. When I’m not busy with school I’m working at Central Park by Ron Blaauw. On my days off I like to go to city with my friends!

Why peach x strawberry/mango?
I always choose this flavor cause I really like it, it’s refreshing!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
A fried cricket.. I spat it out though..

If you could only own 5 things, what would it be?
My mobile phone, clothing, shoes and a lot of money to buy new stuff!

What are you most afraid of and why?
C: Spiders, they’re so scary!

If you had one superpower, what would this be and why?
I really wouldn’t know..

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