Hello family! #2

Each day we’re happy to serve you a smile on your face that comes with your favorite bubble tea and we’re more than happy to meet the ones who are joining the 8tea5 family! So here’s a big shout out to all of you who are sharing the 8tea5 moments with us. Cheers to you inspiring people and your favorite drinks!


Ryan (18) and Poojah (18) both went for a fruity cup: peach flavored tea and green apple topping!


Fransje (14) is drinking the strawberry bubble tea with green apple topping, Didi-anne (15) the mojito with also green apple topping and Charlotte (14) is enjoying her lychee mojito. Ella is saving it for her next visit to 8tea5. See you soon girls!


Redmar (32) is enjoying his all-time favorite taro with tapioca and Vita Dewi (31) is drinking her fruity mojito with strawberry flavor. Oh and, how original and awesome are their names!


These classmates are celebrating the weekend with their favorite drinks: green apple bubble teas! Kiran (14) is going for a mango and blue berry topping, Melissa (14) is having mango topping, Aisha (14) has blue berry and cherry bobbas in her cup and Vana (14) is also having blue berries mixed with strawberry topping.


Sharing is caring! Rick (25) and Jaef (26) are sharing a mango milk tea with cherry bobbas.


Emma (14) is drinking a peach bubble tea with cherry topping while enjoying the company of her best friends Gabriella (15) and Bram (14).

See you guys next time!

-x- 8tea5

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2 Responses to “Hello family! #2”

  1. Kenneth says:

    Wanneer komt Hello Family #3?

    • Sheima Josodimedjo says:

      Hi Kenneth,

      Sinds gisteren staat de Hello Family #3 op de blog, waar jij ook bij zit!


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