Matcha Mania

Does the name ‘matcha’ ring any bells? Some of you might heard of it, some of you might have drink some. And if you haven’t, 8tea5 is happy to introduce our newest special to you. Say hello to matcha!

Matcha blog

Matcha is a special Japanese green tea that is known for its stimulating and relaxing effect. With its slightly sweet taste and intense green color, matcha is Japan’s most remarkable type of tea. And it is not that easy to make or find… While the green tea leaves are growing, it requires a special technique where you must add the perfect amount of sunlight. It should not be fully exposed to sunlight. But why? All plants need sunlight, the more, the better we learned from biology.


”The perfect amount of sunlight”
Told you so, matcha is a special type of tea. And this is why: the perfect amount of sunlight creates the delicate and slightly sweet taste and how intense the green color of your drink will be eventually.

”Alright, enough biology.
The big news is that from now on you can get your relaxation on while drinking matcha at 8tea5! As we were heading our way to get the best matcha there is, our journey ended. We wanted the best matcha. And we got the best matcha. Yay!

Oh, and did you know that…

  • more than 800 years ago Buddhist Sen monks drank matcha for meditation?
  • of the 3000 tea producers in Japan only 300 make matcha?
  • until this day matcha is revered as the rarest and most precious type of tea in Japan?

Our tearista’s are happy to serve your our newest special, so go visit the nearest 8tea5 bar and join the matcha mania’s. See you soon!

 -x- 8tea5

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2 Responses to “Matcha Mania”

  1. Ellen van Dijk says:

    Hi there,

    When does the pop up shop start at Amsterdam or maybe some other shop in Amsterdam?


    • Sheima Josodimedjo says:

      Hi Ellen,

      You can get your bubble teas from now on (June) at the 8tea5 pop up store at the Agora Campus of UVA in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

      -x- 8tea5

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