Tearista’s choice #10

Looking for some bubble tea inspiration that’s coming from real bubble tea makers? Read all about 8tea5’s very own tearista’s and their favorite bubble tea flavor!


Name: Charlotte
Age: 22
City: Antwerp
Favorite bubble tea: Mango/kumquat

”Hi, my name is Charlotte! I’m 22 years old and I’m working at the 8tea5 bar in Antwerp. Currently I’m in the last year of my law study at the University of Antwerp. When I’m not working at 8tea5 I like to hang out with my friends or I go to the gym”.

Why mango/kumquat bubble tea?
The sweetness of the mango fits perfectly with the sourness of the kumquat, this combo is very refreshing!

Any tips or recommendations for 8tea5 customers?
If the weather gets colder, ask if you can get your milk tea warm. And if it get’s hotter ask for an ice blended version of your tea!

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