Tearista’s choice #11

Looking for some bubble tea inspiration that’s coming from real bubble tea makers? Read all about 8tea5’s very own tearista’s and their favorite bubble tea flavor!

Carl Paraan1










Name: Carl
Age: 18
City: Brussels
Favorite bubble tea: Taro x tapioca

“Hey, I’m Carl and I’m 18 years old. I am on my first year of my tourism studies and I study in the Higher Institute of Animations and Hobbies of Tourism in Brussels. I’ve been working at 8tea5 Brussels since it’s opening on the August of last year. Besides working and my studies I love to travel and I love to hang out with my friends and family.”

Why taro x tapioca bubble tea?
As a filipino, I grew up knowing what taro was though we called it differently in our language, I only knew not long after I worked at 8tea5 that what we called ‘ube’ in the Philippines was in fact taro. Being filipino we had a lot of desserts that was made of taro, like a taro cake or even a taro ice cream, but I was never really a fan of it. But after I tasted it as a bubble tea, it rapidly became my favorite. I almost always take a taro with tapioca now. The taste reminds of a cookie and the tapioca just goes so well with the drink. And somehow I can’t never get tired of it.

Any tips or recommendations for 8tea5 customers?
If ever you come to brussels and to our store and you find me ask me to make you a coco/taro or even a vanilla/taro. It tastes just as good as the taro but with a little twist of vanilla and coco. Oh! And ask for a double portion of Tapioca because you can’t never get enough of it! Oh and they are as good cold than they are hot.

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