Tearista’s Choice #8

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Name: Namrah
Age: 21
City: The Hague
Favorite bubble tea: Mango fruit x lychee

Hi! My name is Namrah and currently I’m studying at Erasmus University, majoring in Tax law. I’m mainly focusing on studying but I also wanted to develop my social skills more. That’s why I chose to work at 8tea5! It’s really great working here! I’ve always liked to be in the kitchen, and the 8tea5 workspace is quite the same. A little kitchen where I can get busy with making different kinds of teas! Furthermore I like to shop and be creative.

Why mango fruit tea x lychee ?
I’ve always loved mango and lychee as a fruit itself. But at 8tea5 I came to the conclusion that those two flavors combined are even better! Thanks 8tea5!

Any tips or recommendations for 8tea5 customers?
I would say.. pick the flavors you would choose when picking fruit. And don’t forget to try our delicious red velvet cake, nothing tastes better than a piece of red velvet with a bubble tea :)

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