Tearista’s Choice #9

Looking for some bubble tea inspiration that’s coming from real bubble tea makers? Read all about 8tea5’s very own tearista’s and their favorite bubble tea flavor!

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Name: Sarona
Age: 20
City: The Hague
Favorite bubble tea: vanilla x tapioca

Hi, I’m Sarona and since last Summer I’ve been working at 8tea5. I started my study Teacher Education for Primary Schools last September, but I stopped so now I have a break for a year. At the moment I’ve been working quite a lot and at the end of April I would love to travel some more! Next to working, I also go to the gym often and be with my friends. I enjoy my days off cause in September I start with a new study, Social Worker at Hogeschool Rotterdam. Hopefully this study really suits me!

Why vanilla x tapioca?
I’ve tried every bubble tea but vanilla is really my favorite! I can eat or drink almost anything that tastes like vanilla, from pudding to coffee! The scent itself gives me a warm feeling, it’s nice, sweet and I like that it’s creamy!

Any tips or recommendations for 8tea5 customers?
The next time when you get your bubble tea, ask if we have rose syrup. It gives the vanilla milk tea a super delicious twist!

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