Why you should visit a traditional tea house in Taiwan

Taiwan is a beautiful, crowded, modern country with a hectic pace of life. Entering a traditional Taiwanese tea house after being surrounded by the crowd is just like taking a breath of fresh air. The noise in the street is gone for a moment and the peaceful atmosphere will help disappear your worries and stress. Many of these tea houses are designed to cut off the outside world.


Have a little break from the crowd and sit down, relax or chat with friends in a traditional Taiwanese tea house. Most of the times these tea houses have fish swimming around. You can relax and enjoy the moment while simply watching the fish.

So if you’re visiting Taiwan, it might be good to know a little more about the tea you can get there. The most famous tea in Taiwanese tea shops is… Zhenzhu naichá aka bubble tea (of course). And the name says it all: Zhenzhu means pearl, naicha means milk tea.

And then we have…

Ningmeng luchá, which is lemon green tea. Also a big favorite of the costumers in Taiwan.


Do you want big or little tapioca balls? You can give your preference on the tapioca in your tea by saying da zhenzhu, which means big tapioca balls or xiao zhenzhu, if you want little tapioca balls.

So if you’re planning a trip to Taiwan, visit a traditional Taiwanese tea house and try to order in the local’s language.

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