“Showing the world the endless possibilities of tea”, 8tea5 (2012)


Quality is our top priority. With great passion, we have carefully selected the best loose-leaf tealeaves from their countries of origin. We make sure they are the ingredients to serve the freshest, finest tea with.


A smile goes a long way at 8tea5, allowing us to build special connections with our customers, or rather, friends. Acknowledging each individual with a “hello” and “goodbye”, in between, we strive to educate and serve our products with the greatest care. Every tearista ensures humanity to be shared amongst the 8tea5 community.


We started this concept to bring bubble tea to the next level. To be where we are now has been a long road, but we do not regret any effort to get closer to our mission. Whether it is nit picking about ingredient lists with our wholesale department in Taiwan, mopping the floor in the store, or discussing with team members on how to give great customer service: we care.